Baling Wire Packaging Formats

Baling Wire Packaging Formats

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Baling Wire Formats

Both low and high tensile steel baling wire can be presented in the following packaging formats:

  • Coils/Formers. Generally used by the recycling industry black annealed baling wire is produced as 500-750kgs coils on “carriers” called formers (these must be returned to us) for ease of transport and use by the customer. These coils are manufactured in such a way as to facilitate overhead pay-off.
  • Rewound Coils. Small traverse wound “cassette” type coils in 10-50kg weights, used by customers who have auto-feed machines generally used for packaging.
  • Cut & Loop. Annealed wire presented in cut lengths with a twisted loop at one end to facilitate manual tying of bales generally in the scrap recycling or textile trades.
  • Annealed Straight Lengths. Steel wire cut to precise lengths and subsequently annealed to allow customers ease of tying irregular shapes for subsequent heat treatment, plating etc.