Galvanized Auto Wire

Galvanized Auto Wire

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Galvanised Auto Wire is a higher tensile wire stocked as 500kg coils on formers in two sizes with a much higher tensile strength than traditional bale wire, allowing a much better compression of waste bales with the appropriate saving in volume.

Manufactured in the UK, it is commonly used on the Harris type baling machines.

Size range, finish and coil weight:

  • 2.65mm UTS - 1000/1150 N/mm2 (65-75Tsi) - 12 gauge
  • 3.06mm UTS - 1000/1080 N/mm2 (65- 70Tsi) - 11 gauge
  • 4.00mm UTS - 595/685 N/mm2 (38.5-44Tsi) - 8 gauge
Steel wire product Type G Size range (mm) Coil weight (kgs)
High tensile
baling wire
Auto wire X  2.65 - 4.00  500