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How to avoid damaged baling wire and bales

As manufacturers and suppliers of steel baling wire, we often visit customers premises to help them assess their requirements. Our considerable experience in the area as well as the problems encountered by our many clients led us to compile the below top tips which will help avoid broken bales:

  • Always handle bales with care.  Don’t over handle and always stack and store correctly.
  • Use the correct number of wires for each bale.
  • Calculate in advance how much baling wire is going to be needed taking into account how heavy/light the bale is going to be.
  • Use the correct gauge/diameter of wire - if you are unsure then please call for advice.
  • Make sure you take into account what you are baling as some materials (such as plastics) will generate more pressure, while others less such as cardboard and paper.
  • Do not drag the bales as this will lead to damaged wires.
  • Do not exceed the expected weight.
  • Do not use the wire to lift the bales.
  • Ensure the knotting system is working correctly to prevent untying.
  • Do not use extremely corroded wire.

We are confident that by following these simple steps you will be able to prevent unnecessary breaking and reworking of the bales. If, however, you are still experiencing problems please get in touch on
+44 (0) 121 500 6860 for advice and guidance.