Quiklinks Bale Tie Wire

Quiklinks Bale Tie Wire

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Quiklinks (sometimes also spelled as quick links or quicklink) are super strength baling ties/restraints designed for products such as cotton, synthetic fibres, textiles, tyres, plastics and heavy duty cardboard to ensure they can be baled to a high level of compaction both safely and with no expansion after the baling operation. Once compressed the natural fibres and heavy duty products are contained with the high tensile ties, enabling maximum density for the product bales.

Quiklinks consist of a straight length of tie wire with one automatically formed loop at each end. The loop is designed to allow the wires to be easily snapped into place, either manually or by Genglo type machines.

The wires are produced to tight tolerances for maximum efficiency and are available in the following sizes & finishes:

  • Size Range - 2.70 - 3.85mm
  • Tensile strength - 1400/1700 Nmm2 (90-110Tsi)
  • Coatings - Bright, Coppered or Galvanised
  • Packaging - In lengths/bundles of preferred quantity or weight.